Our Artists


Cat barnes

My name is Cat Barnes and I have lived in or near KCMO all of my life. I learned the love of sewing from my Dad's Mom, Grandma Ike, spending hours each summer with her, making Barbie doll clothes. I made many of my own clothes in high school and beyond. Choosing fabrics in any color to create unique pieces by mixing pieces of multiple patterns. My interest then turned to soft sculpture, making fabric angels, Santas, snowmen, etc. to give as gifts to family and friends. When my first grandbaby was born, I began making over-sized, absorbent burp cloths then baby quilts for each of them. These are items I now have in The Red Thread. Recently I became interested in Polymer clay sculpture, making unique one of a kind gifts for each of my grandchildren, family & friends.


Denise Thessen

Hello and welcome to the world of creative planting! First of all, a little about me! I grew up on a 300 acre farm in Taos, Missouri. I learned about God and farming from my parents. I have been blessed with being a mom and a wife. I was able to serve the Northland as a teacher for the last 20 years. The plants that you will see have been grown and planters were designed from my own imagination. I feel like they tell a small story of happiness and love. Most plants are succulents and they are a plant that represents strength. Whenever you have a plant around it is said to have calming effects and of course gives you oxygen to breathe deeply.


Debbie wetschensky

Debbie's earliest childhood memories included crayons, paint and pencils. Throughout her life, artistic expression has played an essential role. Choosing to share her passion and educate others was a logical career path. Debbie completed her formal training at Southeast Missouri State Teacher's College gaining an Art Education Degree. She taught art at Maple Park Middle School her entire career. As motivation to encourage her students to give their best effort each class, she would reward them by drawing whatever they requested during the last ten minutes of each successful period. As an artist, Debbie works in acrylic and water color paints, as well as graphite, pen and ink, and colored pencil. She has the ability to be technically accurate to the details of her subjects. Debbie had the opportunity to study painting with Mark Weber in his midtown studio. His photo realistic style of painting greatly influenced her own artwork. The past two years, she has focused on a more impressionist style of painting. Her process still begins with illustration drafts in her drawing journal. She prefers to paint on a black canvas and lays out her painting in white chalk. This planning allows her to problem solve through to a completed painting or illustration.


julie koch

A Grandma that loved jewelry raised my Mom. A Mom that loved jewelry raised me. It wasn’t about expensive diamonds and precious metals. It was about adding something fun or special to dress up an outfit. I have fond preschool memories of making necklaces with long shoestrings and big, colorful, wooden beads; of summer days as a little girl wearing candy bead bracelets, and the excitement of church mornings when I could wear a tiny, gold locket or my amethyst birthstone ring.

I believe jewelry is an elaboration on an individual's style and a statement on how they are feeling as they anticipate the events in their day. We attach feelings and memories of extraordinary moments, celebrations and loved ones to our jewelry. We cherish a special necklace or ring that belonged to our mother, or grandmother, aunt or close friend. It is these tangible objects of sentiment that we pass on to the ones we love.

I create artisan, organic, earth inspired jewelry from precious metals and gemstones. Using precious metal clay and silversmith techniques, each bracelet, pair of earrings, pendant and ring is handcrafted from fine silver, to sterling silver, copper and bronze. This one of a kind art jewelry is designed, created and beautifully finished to celebrate nature and bring joy to daily life.


abby joy miller

Abby Joy Miller is from Austin, Minnesota, and while she has always been an artist, she's also soon to be a wife of an aspiring pastor of missions. She's had a heart for missions herself, as well as art, for as long as she can remember. She loves abstract art, making jewelry, and up-cycling clothes. She is so excited for the privilege of partnering with The Red Thread.


Elaine miller

EM's Creations

All for the glory to God

I love to sew to bring

JOY to others.


Karen merkel

I am originally from Kansas but Gladstone has been my home for many years. My passions include traveling with my family, gardening, pottery, photography and sewing. I try to see the beauty in old and unused objects and give them new life by using found items in creative ways. My collection includes Christmas ornament wreaths, concrete leaves and stepping stones for the garden, aprons made from vintage tablecloths, and pottery bowls and religious items. Many of my pottery pieces are inspired by nature; I love to create items from leaves. I add texture to my pieces by using linen, burlap and antique lace. Each item is unique and made by hand. I appreciate the opportunity to display my pieces at The Red Thread which has such beautiful handcrafted items from around the world.


Chloe morales

My name is Chloe Morales and I am a self taught artist at The Red Thread. I'm a sophomore at Park Hill High School. I do acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, graphite drawings, and other mixed media. I've been teaching myself various skills for the past 6 years. I love expressing emotion in my work and am currently working on a big project. I'm going to create an art piece for each endangered animals to help raise awareness. It's such an amazing opportunity to be here at this shop, please stop by- it's truly a one of a kind place.


Lindsey atkins

Lindsey Atkins is the artist behind Arbor & Heir, which provides a wide variety of creative pieces ranging from photography, jewelry, graphic art, greeting cards and more. She currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her two little boys and youth pastor husband. She has many passions, including her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, people, missions, and travel, and has had the opportunity to visit 19 countries outside of the United States. These experiences have especially excited her about the mission of The Red Thread and she's honored to be a part of it.


Trish coleman

I am a loving wife, mother of six and grandmother to two. I have always had a heart for, orphans, missions and those less fortunate. God gave me crafty and artistic abilities that I would love to share with the world.


Hannah coleman

I am originally from China and was adopted 11 years ago by the sweetest parents. I can relate to others in similar situations because I was there at one time myself. I am a devout reader and creative designer. I love God and art. I have a desire to create fashion designs for teens that are both trendy and modest.


belle Morales